Vampiric Pronunciation Guide

Now that we’ve come across some names in The Children in Lillith, particularly “Lajo” I thought it might be a good time to give everyone an explanation of how certain letters sound in the Vampiric language. Check it out <here>, or you can also find it at Children of Lillith’s bonus materials page.

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Pronunciation Guide, or Why “Lajo” is Pronounced “lah-yoo”.

Most letters in the Vampiric alphabet make noise as their English counterparts. The exceptions will be noted below, starting with consonants.


The only letters of the Vampiric alphabet that sound different from the same letter in English are as follows: C, J, X.

The letters H and Q are not used at all. Additionally, there is no representation for the sound made by “These” or “Thin”. (The former is replaced by D, and the latter is replaced by T, for those interested)

The letter J in their language makes a sound like when we use Y as a consonant, like in “Yellow” or “Yes”. X makes the sound like in “Genre” or “Beige”, and C makes a sound like in “Ship” or “Shell”.

Another weird thing is that the sound in “Chip” is spelled “tc” in Vampiric, and the sound in “Jump” is spelled “dx”.


There are six basic vowels in the Vampiric tongue, which are written as A, E, Y, Ÿ, O, U (however, Ÿ is only used by nobles).

  • A is pronounced like “Dot”
  • E is pronounced like “Pet”
  • Y is pronounced like “Meet”
  • Ÿ is pronounced like “Fig”
  • O is pronounced like “Fool”
  • and lastly, U is pronounced like “Hut”

Additionally, sometimes two vowels can be written next to each other to create a compound vowel, which basically means they get smooshed together like Æ (though this cannot be rendered in any font for most of the compounds, so outside of the comic it will be written like Ae). Together they form a new pronunciation that sounds roughly like the two vowels combined. Here are some examples:

  • Ay = “Fly
  • Ao = “Cow
  • Au = “Crawl”
  • Ae is used as well, but doesn’t have a clear English equivalent, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.
  • Uy = “Boy
  • Uo = Duel”
  • Ey = “Ray
  • Eo = “Few

So Sÿnkura is pronounced kinda like “sin-kuh-rah”, and his sister Lajo’s name is pronounced “lah-yoo”. Vuluora’s name is a little harder to phoneticize, but that can be a challenge for any other linguistics nerds reading this.

But don’t stress about it or anything, really.

New Children of Lillith!

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