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In Regards to a Certain Character’s Name

So, as some of you may have noticed, there’s a character in The Children of Lillith, named Kauc’baux. Some people might be inclined to find this humorous and pronounce it as “Cock Box”, something that had not occurred to me until very recently on account of me being really stupid, but I assure you, her name is not pronounced “Cock Box”, okay? It’s pronounced “Kawshubawzh” which is way cooler, and that’s totally how you should pronounce it in your head from now on.

It’s a different alphabet, not everything translates well…

~ Nervosa

A Few Minor Updates

So if you avert your attention to the Children of Lillith Bonus Materials page, you will find two new items. The first is a map I have drawn of the known world in which the Vampires live, which is known as Terrasia, by the way. It is also conclusive proof of why I should never be allowed to draw anything ever.

The second item, which may make more sense after viewing the first, is a description of the event known as the Great Shattering, which devastated Terrasia and brought forth a new era.

Additionally, there is a new episode of White Whine up, and it’s still hilarious so get on that.

~ Nervosa


You know sometimes during a pregnancy, a single zygote can sometimes split in two, and develop into two separate embryos? This update is kinda like that, in that there are two of them. Not only do we have for you the next part of The Children of Lillith, but we are also very excited to announce a new title, White Whine: A Slightly Inconvenient Life, created and drawn by a new addition to our crew, Fax Machine. Everyone say “hi” to Fax Machine now…

Oh, also, there’s gonna  a spot on the sidebar for White Whine later, WordPress is just being dumb right now.

~ Nervosa

This Blog Post is Dedicated to Trixie Hobbitses

You may have noticed there hasn’t been an update in a while, so to keep you sufficiently entertained while the next part of Children of Lillith is finished, I’m gonna upload another episode of Everyone Kills Ant-Man by Hange. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell haven’t seen enough picture of Ant-Man being killed in various ways in quite a while.

I’ll update this post with the link to it as soon as it’s up. And I’m totally gonna do it. Like really soon. I promise.

UPDATE: Here’s the link, hope ya like it 🙂

~ Nervosa

R.I.P. Trixie

What in the Three Realms is a Trans-Crescent Treaty?

A lot of folks have been wondering what the Trans-Crescent Treaty referred to in the previous issue is. Originally I was just gonna kinda allude to it, and gradually reveal more about it over time, but fuck that, I worked hard on this backstory, so now I’ll let everyone know just what this treaty is, and how it serves as a starting-point for our tale.

A new post in The Children of Lillith Bonus Materials section should appear shortly with the deets, and if I’m really on the ball, I’ll remember to put a link here.

~ Nervosa

UPDATE: Here is a link to the new post regarding the Treaty