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Vampiric Pronunciation Guide

Now that we’ve come across some names in The Children in Lillith, particularly “Lajo” I thought it might be a good time to give everyone an explanation of how certain letters sound in the Vampiric language. Check it out <here>, or you can also find it at Children of Lillith’s bonus materials page.

~ Nervosa

New Children of Lillith!

At long last, a new update appears! Check it out, over at that button with the bright red text that says “New!” Old friends emerge from the past, to reunite, but have they changed since you last saw them? Find out tomorrow  next week whenever the fuck we update next. Maybe there will even be something more interesting than vampires politely apologizing to each other! 😀

~ Nervosa

New EKA comic, and new main page system

(In case you didn’t know, EKA is my new super-hip acronym for Everyone Kills Ant-Man. Now you can tell your friends about the new “EKA” and they’ll all be like “What? Some acronym I don’t know about? That person must be so cool!”)

I’m trying out a new thing where only posts designated as “Blog” posts show up on the main page, which will make it a bit less cluttered. Let’s see how it goes!

Oh, also, if you’re some kinda weirdo and you like content or something, there’s a brand new Everyone Kills Ant-Man comic up, so just click the link up on the left there to check it out.

~ Nervosa