Welcome to Southport

At last we have made it to Southport, ain’t it pretty?  Here’s a link to the new issue.

You only have to read a little bit of boring political banter first. And a new character even, oh snap! You’ll find out more about her later though.

Also, we’re officially big enough to get spam commenters, I think that’s a pretty great milestone.

Oh, also, also, soon I plan to upload a map of the world so the phrase Trans-Crescent Treaty will make more sense. Until then I’ll just let you in on a secret: Their continents are shaped like Crescents, and referred to as Crescents, so it’s essentially a Trans-Continental Treaty.

~ Nervosa

New Short/New Section in Which Shorts Go

So we’ve expanded the Everyone Kills Ant-Man section of the site to include other shorts and one-shot-type comics with no continuing story line.

And it’s such perfect timing that we’ve done this, because by complete coincidence we also have a new short to put in this section, created by Wyrd, the artist of The Children of Lillith

Here is a link to it.

~ Nervosa


Part 2 of the first chapter of The Children of Lillith is now online, hooray! In the future, we’re intending for Tuesday to be Update Day, but y’know, don’t hold your breath or anything. The process has seemed to speed up a bit though since the beginning. Are we getting our shit together? Who knows? Find out next time, on Manic Depressive Comics!

P.S. We stopped numbering the pages, it didn’t seem to make as much sense once it all got digital. We hope you will understand.

~ Nervosa

EDIT: The typo in the comic is fixed, after overwhelmingly popular demand from the mob of angry prescriptivist linguists outside. Hecate’s Cock, that took a long time for WordPress to stop not working though.