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White Whine Double-Update

Hey, long time no see. So I put up two episodes of White Whine that have been sitting on my desk for like a month and a half that I never bothered to scan. You can look at them if you click the thing up there that says “White Whine”, it’s not that hard. I believe in you.

~ Nervosa

New One-Shot!

So like I said, it may not look like anything is happening, but I assure you there are forces working in the mist, trying their damn best to bring you half-way decent comics.

I’m very excited to announce a new one-shot short by our friend and guest artist Alex Dunn, it’s called Donuts, and you can find it by clicking the link, or in the Shorts section, or also on the sidebar with the recent updates. It really shouldn’t be that hard…

~ Nervosa