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At Long Last…

I have just posted Part 7 of a Night on the Town, which is the final part of this chapter of The Children of Lillith. I am honestly so excited and feel so lucky to have made this dream become the reality it is now. This could never have happened without my dear friend, the artist of our comic, Wyrd. They have made into reality that which I thought could only exist in my imagination. They have, perhaps literally, made my dreams come true, and for that I am quite grateful.

There is also some bad news with this good news; production of The Children of Lillith is going on hiatus. However, we will not be idle in the mean time. Very soon we are going to start our first print run of Chapter 1, to sell on our site. “But wait,” you say, “There’s no store on your site!” Well there will be soon hopefully! And you can buy the full chapter, with some bonus goodies, in physical paper form!

And of course we will continue to publish other comics during this time. In fact, soon I’m going to upload a preview for an all-new comic The Adventures of Pube-Girl! And another project we’re calling Certain Persons is also in the works!

See ya’ll on the flipside.

~ Nervosa

Sorry, no comic today, but here’s something else

So as you may have noticed we’re a little off-schedule, which is somewhat consistent with our style. While waiting for the SUPER EXCITING AWESOME BADASS FINALE of Chapter 1 of The Children of Lillith, I decided to write a little piece of Bonus Material to explain what exactly Vuluora meant in that last comic in the line “You run with the Black Bloods!?” Because I’m sure everyone is just frothing at the mouth, wondering, “WHO ARE THE BLACK BLOODS, NERVOSA, TELL US NOW!!” so you can calm down now.

There is now a post in the Children of Lillith Bonus Materials section entitled Who Are the Black Bloods? which very well could answer some of your questions.

~ Nervosa

Who Are The Black Bloods?

Due to the limitations of how much exposition one can fit into a story without it reading like an encyclopedia, a few things got dropped out that would probably appear in my imaginary Director’s Cut version of it. One such part that got cut was a scene in which Vuluora asks Sÿnkura if he knows anything about the Black Bloods, and Sÿnkura’s all like “Dude, shh, don’t talk about them, how did you know that name anyway?”

And the dialogue goes on to explain that the Black Bloods is the name of a criminal organization running the black market of Southport, through violently maintaining a monopoly on all forbidden items. So then in the fight scene, it is implied that these three drug-pushers are members of the Black Bloods, because obviously black hooded cloaks are sinister. By similarity of outfit, one also might be able to deduce that the Emissary of Cain is also a member of the Black Bloods.

But who is this mysterious Lady in charge of them? And what is she doing with  a live, captive human? Well, that shall remain a mystery for now.

The Penultimate Peril!

I’m tired and I can’t think of anything witty or interesting to say, but there’s a new episode of Children of Lillith, which you can find by clicking here or one of the many other places that link to it. This update is exciting because after this there is only one more before the conclusion of A Night on the Town, woohoo!

~ Nervosa