The Trans-Crescent Treaty

The Trans-Crescent Treaty is a document, signed into international law by Pope-King Benedict of The Promised Land, High General Arthryn of Nadeos, the 12 Captains sitting on the Council of the Shattered Islanders, and Count-King Dracula.

The agreement forbids certain activities within the waters of the Shattered Islanders, in return for which, they will end their blockade between the Crescents, once again allowing free travel through the sea for the first time in 174 years/Six-moons.

The activities forbidden by the Treaty include trafficking contraband (Holy Water, Garlic, Living creatures, Storages of blood over a specified volume, etc.), and the maintaining of military bases by Continentals on any land defined in the Treaty as belonging to the Shattered Islanders.

Any evidence of such activities by any party sworn to the laws of any of the signers is grounds for immediate blockade of all ships belonging to the domain of that signer.

Lands that are not subject to the signers of the Treaty will continue to be blockaded by the Islanders. This includes The Frostlands, and Mudwood.

Due to local conflict over dominion, some areas, such as the Southlands, do not entirely consider the treaty as applying to them, and thus, are still not allowed through the blockade. As a subject of Count-King Dracula, Clan Azazel, and their city of Southport is in a legal grey area. Thus far, they have sent no ships bearing their flag into Islander waters, so no conflict has arisen of it.

The circumstances surrounding the enactment of this treaty remain a mystery, as cooperation between the four nations of Terrasia on such a scale has never been seen before.

What in the Three Realms is a Trans-Crescent Treaty?

A lot of folks have been wondering what the Trans-Crescent Treaty referred to in the previous issue is. Originally I was just gonna kinda allude to it, and gradually reveal more about it over time, but fuck that, I worked hard on this backstory, so now I’ll let everyone know just what this treaty is, and how it serves as a starting-point for our tale.

A new post in The Children of Lillith Bonus Materials section should appear shortly with the deets, and if I’m really on the ball, I’ll remember to put a link here.

~ Nervosa

UPDATE: Here is a link to the new post regarding the Treaty